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Album: Open heart songs




New Age / World


If our children are dying and the earth is poised, one day we might be refugees ourselves, and we have to find a new place deep inside the cosmos. A gentle New Age, Global Pop, World-Music-song composed by the fantastic Dominic G. Joutsen.

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There 1.) At night we look into the sky all the stars are shining bright endless seems to be the light and the space when we fly billion lightyears in the universe 2.) Do we have to leave one day into the cosmos far away when our earth is crying and our children are dying Ref.: Is there life there Is there hope there Is there love there If we go there Is a home there what we'll find there Is a place there where we can live forever 3.) Now it is in our hands that we do with common sense to save the world we live and stay on and on forever and a day Do you want to live with me together happy to be peace and love will be with you and freedom will be always true now and eternally

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