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Ride The Wind

Album: Single




Americana / Alt Country


My oldest daughter moved out on the day she turned 18 got married to a boy she barely knew. I was quite upset as you can imagine! Especially when he started to abuse her. Very troubled, I finally realized why she did it. Only because she wanted a family of her own. She worked hard to save her marriage but for something like that it takes two. This song reveals what I realized what my daughter is made of, love.

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RIDE THE WIND You started out young And now your under the gun But your not hiding nor on the run You refuse to give up Because you believe in love And he’s the fool for being cruel CHORUS The way you ride the wind Your going to ride the storm out The sky will clear don’t you stop The way you ride the wind reveals what your made of The kind of strength made from love You keep finding new ways To overcome this craze Even though it’s been hard doing it alone And you got my attention, my appreciation For not letting go still holding on CHORUS The way you ride the wind Ride the wind The way you ride the wind CHORUS The way you ride the wind The way you ride the wind Ride the wind with your pretty grin Ride. Ride the wind Ride. Ride the wind

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