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Lyricist @ Work (Laww)

Album: A Mix Tape Vol 3
The Real Laww






Ain't nobody hotter, this side of the Carolina/ These other "so-called" artists are talkin a lot of notta/ These guys are trippin harder than steppin a squashed bananas/ While my squadron is the size of the entire state of Nevada// Quit ya hootin' and hollerin', you ain't hoopin' or ballin'/ Truthfully you a Con Man, you humor me like Lonely Island/ I'm a take a Heineken bottle, lob it into your nogglin'/ Now you discombobulated, v-vomitin' and then wobblin'/ Time and again, I bring the Pain Like migraines to the right side of ya brain/ Your mind can't obtain, what I am sayin' My rhymin' explains why I am insane// But we ain't talkin about my loopy noggin'/ This song is tryin' to get ya booty droppin'// Got me harder and I'm on it Like like lent lent to a carpet/ Beyond horny, I want my dong in ya thong cuz that thang so enormous// Girl you ripe like two Florida oranges/ Pain I'm a chop n screw her while you bring the chorus in//

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