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Album: Oh Jee Nam
The Brown Boy




Indie Pop


Tired of insipid colors, The Brown Boy, mixes it up with some smooth House-like blends of dance, pop, and blues. Get your evening/morning started with "Cheap Radio".

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I slipped into a quiet room, Put my ear against the wall. Closed my eyes to visualize how the colored lights would swirl. "Welcome to my world, You're more than welcome to unwind, my friends... ...and I said all my life but I'll say it again, MUSIC, isn't the enemy, it's your EARS that set the trends". Set the sequence, pet the dog, pass that dutch, then pass it on, Can someone go get my guitar? Mas Candles, then go fill the bar! Let's start the soundcheck, set the BASS, I wanna make it feel like, "Outer space", Stationed right here in this tiny place. Broadcast loud ass beats. To get them off their feet. And, now that we're all here gathered around, I'm proud to be a Pisces in this ocean of sound. Let my sequence set the frequency... An anthem an ode to feeling free.

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