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2gether For 3va

Album: Another Day In Da Booth




R & B


"2gether 4 3va" By: Styxs & Saiint Scarbzz Beats -Verse- I Remember when I seen our face {for the 1st [time] {on myspace' gurl u was look great {so I did not hesitate' I quickly click up on your picture Started as friends, {never know dat I would end up with ya' I did not wanna hit cha, cuz wat we had was nice {I am a G, you was a V, {Dat wouldn't Be Right {But I Still Visit at Night, Never came In da Crib though' In-stead we go look at the moon light' gurl you are so Bright, always knew not to give No' police any Info Because you know your rights Mamma Really Raised ya Right, Pappa was Never There tho but Dat's alright, you gotta man In your life who's waiting to make you wife, If that what Destiny holds' Sometimes My life, feel like I became the Dices, & It's being Rolled Twice, gett'n Scared on Da Hard Road' But Dat's life, {we take a chance 3verynight -Hook- Me & you Pose to be To-gether For 3va' For 3va Together' {Pose to be you & me -Verse II- Never give up on your love, no matter wat your love Is believe me Don't make the mistake I did, you see It's some Sad (ech when you want something but can't have It make you feel like Jumping off with a back flip catch dat on da news clip, love can make you trip hard' 3ven If you are wearing Steal Toe Kicks with da 3xtra Safety grip, love can make you Slip hard' & If you fall, you might not get up at all {It's no point of act'n tall, when really you are a short kid, Dat kinda like, lying to yourself It might {get you mixed with somebody else, {{when your tryna give your gurl a kid' when she mix up your name, your gonna feel da pain but your the one to blame, for act'n like somebody else Just be yourself & no one would feel'n strange wish somebody told me dat before I got In da game' wish somebody would've told me to Never 3v a Change -Hook- Me & you Pose to be To-gether For 3va' For 3va Together' {Pose to be you & me

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