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Time - future

Album: Time
Joy Ike






If life is all about who you're with and not what you do, then you could do absolutely nothing all day and have a wonderful life as long as you were doing it with the right person. This song is part of a minEP called Time: past, present, future. v1 Time (past): think "Iron & Wine" v2 Time (present): think "Joy Ike" v3 Time (future): think Postal Servie All 3 versions are FREE @

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I cant remember how it feels To live a day all by myself And never really worry about someone else But I do remember when I found I could stick by you all the time And never really worry that I was wasting m time You thought it over and you said "I like you and I love you And I want to spend more time with you. It takes no thinking at this point Just effort, hard work, and honesty Cause I want to spend my life with you." Wherever you go, I will follow you This is our life and how it starts As we travel worlds and we make art We'll never really worry about wasting our time

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