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All the Things You Say You Are






If you could wait and watch me die
 And still consider it a waste of time 
I'd go out golden 
I'd go out golden
 All I ever asked of you
 Was that you feel exactly like I do 
I'd go out golden 
I'd call it all a win

 All the things you say you are
 Come without a stain or scar
 And though the pieces fit
 They don't make sense
 Frame or force a perfect pair
 Pound for pound, we can't compare 
Though the pieces fit
 We don't make sense

 When you said that I'd destroyed your heart 
I said, "So what, you're gonna fall apart?"
 My shoulder's colder
 Come on, get over
 I don't care who takes the greater fault
 Can we just burn it all and scatter salt?
 This never happened
 And it never will again

 So if I fall 
Don't bury or bruise your heart
 Don't bury or bruise your heart
 Find another one to need you

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