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When It Comes To Love

Album: ...anymore
bryan TITUS






WHEN IT COMES TO LOVE (by Jonathan Weed & Bryan Titus) You said you don’t want no more coffee And I’m tired of hearing me talk I guess this date is officially over Now it’s time for that long awkward walk … to my car And my car, she ain’t that pretty But she runs good if you can get her to start Just like me she was made in America She’s dependable and it ain’t that far … To your house Where are you When it comes to love Why are you … so certain That you’ve had enough When it comes to love Now the small talk just keeps getting smaller Until there ain’t nothing left at all But I’ll keep on smiling hope I’m worth your while And just maybe next week you’ll call It took a lot of rings for you to take my call And it took a lot of calls for you to even see me at all Your broken heart is safe here in my hands So let’s give love one more chance

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