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Album: Goodbye My Darling, My Darling Goodbye
Alexander William




Moonfall is about that person that you've met or are yet to meet who will shake you so completely that it may seem as if the moon is falling from the sky.

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Days spent, living here with the sun Nights rent, kneeling to the darkened heart You’ve left, all I have to love is gone Be-reft, I clamour at the daunting heights Too soon, I’ve found another one too soon Too late, I’m falling harder than the moon Now dear, let me list my contract terms You can, peruse until sun Returns I’ve lived, years alone in thoughts and you’ve come, and broken them like little eggs I hoped, to find a time of space and mind I guess, I waited just a too long to find it You, scared me with those god-damned eyes And you, scared me with that perfect face In what world, should I have to deal with you Well this one, has obviously torn in two I say, this time it feels so bizarre In ways, I just can’t seem to find the words to explain; the feeling is so foreign babe would you make, your way over to mine to demonstrate What you mean when you say ‘it’s alright Take time, for yourself and you’ll find What you've been waiting for all your life It’s been right over by your side and I’m here babe And I’m here babe I'm here babe...

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