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Stars Like Ours

Album: Stars Like Ours




R & B


This is a ballad that reflects on how space, time, and opportunity are critical in who we meet and how rare certain connections can be, and why we should cherish our relationships for how rare it is to meet certain people in your life.

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My mistake wasn’t whether to forgive you but thinking that I could live without you You tried to stay The farther I pushed you away The harder you pushed back to stay But I was blind to a real love in search of a dream Foolish, I was but now I know what love really means Trifle not with a kiss Stars like ours rarely cross again for life is short and You and I may love madly for a day but better madly for just one day than never to have loved at all My heartache is tempered by the knowledge of The taste, the joy, the pain of love and I, will never be the same There’s no good or bad, no right or wrong This melody will linger on And time will pass and we’ll realize that our love was never meant to last Seal that chapter with a kiss Fondly reminisce And know that this time will never come again

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