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Only A Building

Album: No Black No White Just Bluez
Da Bluez Preacher






A song I wrote to a grieving church congregation after their church burned down.

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Only a building Verse 1: They never saw it coming their way just a small country Church there for the town each day When the church burned down people all around questions of Faith did God let them down But they Rose from the ash walking by faith alone Bridge 1: There is a purpose for everything under the sun There is a reason even when you think you have none Chorus: Here is the church here is the steeple open up the door and see God's people Got to stand tall When Trials coming your way Here is the church here's the steeple all that really matters is God's holy people, will…. Come together in one voice in His name Verse 2: Sunday Morning Coming their way meeting in a place that's never seen the light of day Spirits are high looking to the sky Pastor looking on he's got tears in his eyes God is in the house when the people Gather in his name Bridge 2: It's only a building made of Earth and wood It's only the people worshipping as they should (chorus)

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