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Album: Mumbai To Michigan - Part 1






This song touches the sensitive issue of loneliness, betrayal and deceit. Issues faced by unsigned acts on a daily basis! Support your local unsigned act always.

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Rains don't help Unsettled cause no Cold black city Move out of my way In the midst of Her creation Lives somebody Oh just for the day In her moods you, Feel so smooth you Want to get closer She won't let you in In her smiles Your gagged in heaven Bound by rules It's all so obscene Chorus All alone, Got nobody Everybody is looking at me All alone, Got nobody Al eyes stick on to me Feel so Deceived Cool blue rivers flow To still waters no Dreams full of colour Or so it seems Things dont matter when Promises rot down and Waited by the door Yet no one turned up But in her moods you Feel the soothe you Want to get closer She wont let you near In her smiles your Gagged in heaven Break the rules You love the obscene

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