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What the Fuck

Album: Foibles & Fiction
Audio 4n6






The nobility of your partner wanting to fix themselves, fused with the injustice of them treating you like shit in the process. This song will be released on digital stores worldwide, July 18. 2018.

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Verse 1: I thought I finally found her, when you opened your mouth, until the shit that you been burying began to spill out. I’m not afraid that you got baggage, that comes with the game, but when you're actin’ savage, what should we blame? the validation, that lifted you up? or writing poems everyday just to make you feel loved? oh I know, it had to be the cleaning I did, after I cooked, before I massaged your tender foot, but that was then, and I just wanna live in the now, cuz what I’m seeing everyday has got me raising my brow do you know what you’ve been doing? I mean, do you see? I haven’t had to deal with this since grade 13, Oh right, you probably don't remember that shit, but that’s how long it’s been cuz that no longer exists! Now they’re graduating after, grade 12, wait what was I saying? Fuck, just get the hell out! Chorus: Just… my luck, you wanna focus on yourself (well isn't that a switch) What the fuck? you never did this to anyone else Let me guess you think that any girl would love my flow but that’s bullshit cuz if you did you wouldn’t let me go Verse 2: Isn't there a rule, or a law or something that demands a little courtesy to not be jumping back and forth and I don't mean a simple change of mind but a shit on your life, sociopathic kind of bind Oh, I'm sorry, I get carried away you know how it can be when someone drives you insane you wake up in the morning and everything's fine! the next thing that you know they're draining fluid out your spine if there's a lesson to be gained from being maimed I'd probably understand it if she didn't eat my brain, heh it's kinda funny when ya think of the times, that opportunities to bail just, floated on by thinking nothing of it, just waved, and grinned like a thief who gets away with it then turns himself in but I confess, see I'm guilty as well, of ever thinking I escaped the seventh circle of hell (Chorus) Verse 3: Alright, so let me get this straight many years ago you had a terrible day the jerk who never cared, had your best on lock and now that you're being treated right, "we need to talk"? okay so just, help me understand you want the man of love, but you don't want the man? I don't fucking know, gimme a break should I be treating you like shit? Would that get me a date? Suddenly I'm feeling like a fool in the rough, just for thinking that a real love would, be enough But clearly I don't have the slightest clue what I'm doing cuz every time I make your dream come true, you're ruined What's the point of trying to raise your heart from the dead, If all it's gonna bring me is a curse on my head? The world will never know I set you free, cuz now the next guy'll walk right up and take the victory (Chorus)

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