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Angry and tired

Album: La revolution bourgeoise
Criminal Party






Punk-anthem from the forthcoming new CD "La revolution bourgeoise". Criminal Party are one of the historical italian garage-punk band founded in 1986. If you like '70 punk-rock (Nuns, Ramones, X, Sex Pistols, New york dolls, ecc.), that's the song for you.

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I am so unsatisfied I’m only angry and tired I cannot plan on my future in this uncertain world I just feel in a cage With no a way to escape With no a way to change no more I’m trying to get a solution Just a good one for myself Just an easy one to get That’s all !!! We are paying now for all these thieves and inept but they say it’s due to (the) tax evasion it’s due to the tax fraud Baby, you can’t believe them they don’t tell the truth they don’t tell the truth at a-all !!! Baby, You can’t believe them It’s only a way to check It’s only a way to check your money The states are failin’ now they’d cover their hole with a war and that’s why they want your money for military spending

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