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Lovesick Ending




V1 I painted a picture perfect day Invited you to join me on the journey of the century But you went another way I created a catastrophe proof life It would never get old as we watched the years unfold I backed right into the knife Pre Chorus: It can never be that simple Got a running start and tripped on the details Chorus: Set fire to the pages that we wrote together Cauterize forever with a glowing ember There are no words to take us back to the beginning Another sob story with a lovesick ending V2 So convinced you were worth the wait I did everything you asked of me, hoping ever patiently I watched it all disintegrate I felt the shock in electric waves Blindsided by betrayal, that final blow was fatal Someday you’ll get what you gave V3 How easy I was to replace Staring down the agony, I’m just another casualty Penciled in and then erased Once again I find myself alone No more safe haven it’s a dead end destination I’m left here and you’re gone

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