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Front Porch Swing

Album: Darker Side Of Lovely
Jen Mize




Americana / Alt Country


A grief stricken "Where are you now?" type song.

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Front Porch Swing- by Jen Mize I’ve been sittin’ on my porch swing Thinkin’ bout you baby Drinkin’ a glass of My mama’s summer sweet tea And I’m hopin’ that I’ll see you real, real soon Been listenin’ to the birds sing Ignorin’ the phone ring I don’t watch the news Cause it don’t mean a damn thing When all I wanna know about is you Like, where are ya now And who are you spendin’ your time with Well I know for sure it ain’t with me No, I don’t care how But nothing will be as it should be ‘Till you’re sittin with me On my front porch swing I’ve been staring out into space I don’t care ‘bout that rat race The pain is my own So I’ll take it at my own pace My world is fallin’ in on me it’s true Been loungin’ in my PJ’s Through the night and all day There’s rumors around But who gives a shit what they say When all I really care about is you So, where did ya go I just wanna know that you’re happy Even though it’s clear you weren’t with me But, boy, you should know That nothing will be as it should be Till you’re sittin’ with me On my front porch swing

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