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Understand It's You (remix - radio)

Album: The Appetizer
Tess Henley






Radio edition

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If you believe it’s true That you can rise above what you pursue, Then baby you’re fine, 'Cause your toughest competition is you. She told them about all her plans. “It’s what I’ve wanted,” she said. They just laughed, turned their heads, they replied, “Girl you’ve got a tough road ahead.” Now she’s in a rut, Thinking her confidence was just a hopeful, but unlikely view. She can’t listen to them. She knows, she knows what she’s got to do. Repeat Chorus He grew up where promise showed like a blue moon. It was like every path was a dead end. Expectations were that you'd fall through soon. No longer did he want to live that way. His momma saw it in his driven face. She let him go, let him know, "I want the best for you." Now he's in a better place. Repeat Chorus

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