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Coming Back To You

Album: Casey Barnes
Casey Barnes






There’s no need for tears gotta have no fear Cause where we’re headed there’s no room for you anyway Girl you had you’re chance ain’t no second romance. With all that talk now and those games that you play [Pre chorus] Cause you took it away when you want me to say Those words you could never give me You were counting your blessings and now learn the lessons. It’s too late now you’re missing me yeah [Chorus] Baby I don’t understand what’s been going on inside of your head. You gotta give it as good as you get. Cause baby I know that you knew And its all coming back to you yeah its all coming back to you I’ll be far from here let me make that clear And then you’ll realise those mistakes that you made. Let me through, I told you now you gotta make room Cause I’ve got something I’m wanting to say yeah [Chorus] [Pre chorus} Didn’t think I was asking much You had me fooled that I could be enough How can we say that this was love? When you’ve just been playin around. Cause baby I know that you knew There’s nothing more to say between me and you You gotta know what I’m sayin is true.. Cause it’s all coming back to you

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