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Say To Me (Video)




Music video for first song on our EP "Breathing in the Ash"

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Step outside It’s hard looking back from the inside out No more lies I’m moving on Hold your breath when it doesn’t matter You’re sinking lower than ever before Yeah just give it a rest don’t bother Cause you’re already going overboard When every promise breaks You never hesitate To turn to turn this right back on me I see it in your face Expressions’ never changed I can count on this for sure It must be easy for you to see When you’re always looking straight through me It’s never easy to just believe in anything you say You say to me I never wanted to burn these bridges I’m setting fire to all I’ve known With no desire to fake these motions I’m letting go, yes I’m letting go Every promise breaks You never hesitate I’m not running away I’m just moving on Now I finally found out where we went wrong There’s nothing left to explain, so save your breathe Cause I’m saying everything, when you’re too afraid to step outside

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