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Album: Marey Knightly
Marey Knightly






I wrote "Regrettable" about that person in your life that you are so in love with, but that love is not returned. For different reasons, people are used and hurt in love. It especially hurts when it's your first love. You look back on the experience knowing you learned something. But, somehow you regret being so stupidly in love with the person who used you.

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Verse 1: Am I not the one? Was I not perfection? What made you turn away? (x2) Did I loose the game, Well I didn't know that I played. But you held me close & you tripped me up in your poison way. Pre chorus: Well ya, touched me in all the wrong places, loved me through a lens of hatred, held me like a hostage in my own heart. Chorus: And you, you're so regrettable (x3) and you, you're so oh oh oh oh oh regrettable (x3) Verse 2: And you still pretend That you're innocent, but you're as innocent as a mortal sin. And it makes me laugh that I fell for that. I was vulnerable and you took control of whatever we had. Pre chorus repeat Chorus repeat Bridge: I'm so sorry baby, I wasn't worthy. You didn't even give a damn about me. I'm not gonna loose sleep anymore. Chorus repeat Outro: Am I not the one? Was I not perfection? What made you turn away? (x2)

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