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Looking In The Mirror




Contemporary/Soft Rock


I got a new feeling this morning Something's floating in the air It's giving a gentle warning It's telling me your barely there I saw you slip in after midnight I saw you turn to hide the tears And now we're sitting here this morning Wondering how we made it here I've been looking in the mirror Staring at my face Not seeing you looking back at me Seems so out of place It's been a week since you left me Might as well have been a year And I keep looking over my shoulder Hoping that ill see you there How do I face tomorrow How do I move on from here Knowing that I never told you My love for you was real I've been looking the mirror Scared of all this space And what I see staring back at me Is the memory of your face So I'm writing you this letter Blinded by my pain Hoping you'll come back to me Cause our love can conquer hate

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