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Bourbon Cowboy




A country song that outlines the sad predicament that has plagued our Cowboys - turning them into: Bourbon Cowboys.

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I leave these city lights Ev'ry Friday and Saturday night Back to this hole-in-the-wall I still get that back home call I left my ranch and now its gone I don't fit in but still I'm holdin on When I sit at the bar it suites me Wheres the cowboy I used to be {Chorus:} I ain't an Urban cowboy that don't understand What its like to live and work the land So I sit here drinkin and feelin coy Hey Hey look at me I'm a Bourbon Cowboy {Bridge:} When you don't rope and you don't rustle and don't work the land When you're all tied up in suites cause you're a business man Drinkin on the weekend at some honky-tonk that brings you joy Fetch another round lay that bottle down on the counter boy I'm a whiskey drinkin self defeatin boot wearin corporate toy Hey, Hey look at me I'm a Bourbon Cowboy I leave the honky-tonk after the fights On my way back home I just sigh I look in the mirror to see The cowboy I used to be Contrary to that poem Sometimes you just cant go home At least not to a place That progress has stripped away {Chorus} {Chorus} Hey, Hey look at me, I'm a Bourbon Cowboy Have a drink with Me, 'Im a Bourbon Cowboy

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