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The Sky Is Falling!

Album: The New Century EP
Tarek Kasmi






The fourth track from 'The New Century,' recorded at Starlight Studios and released on August 17th, 2010.

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I’m writing you this letter to reflect upon the night when the world was lit by light and all was said in song. “Open the gates!” They screamed at last. “Tonight, in this room, we will have our final chance. Purgatory can wait ‘til morning -- there is no fear tonight! The sky is falling, but we don’t care. We’ll still march on, and you can’t stop me now.” And so, we danced until the morning came, and, when it did, our hearts fell like rain. “Purgatory will come without warning, so dance without fear tonight. Give me your hand. We’ll make this last. Tonight, we’re free. Give me your hand and we’ll forget the past. Tonight, we’re free!”

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