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Raise A Little Hell

Album: Strangers
Jules Larson




Singer/Songwriter (Female)


Listen up kid, better get fit when it's your turn to dance Cause all of these things don't mean a thing unless you give it half a chance Maybe next time, maybe next time, you'll learn to play the game I can say what I feel, but to you the words just don't mean the same You've gotta raise a little hell to get to heaven. On our way up to the black tie party with the champagne Watching all the people on the inside just tryin to entertain sayin' I'll be bigger, and I'll be better, and I'll shine brighter It's been a long time comin, been a long time, but I'm no coat tail rider. You've gotta raise a little hell to get to heaven. Look, behind the door, what do you see? Is it what you wanted? Look, behind the door... Is it what you wanted?

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