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Sunset Tonight

Album: Single
Jordan Tolentino





Description Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr: @jordantmusic

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Girl I know you playin hard to get Acting like I don’t see you I watch you chum tha watah waiting for a bite, But I’ll only bite if you’ll reel it. We both know… I know you feel it Afraid to show… girl just admit it Your cards will fold with mine to a royal blush And we’ll cash it in Bridge: Ooooo… you give me some feelin (x2) Chorus: Let’s put these games on the side and watch the sunset tonight Talk about the things that you like (x2) (WE) I’ll find a way through to the you behind the you I wanna know the girl behind the self-portrait that your drew The real picture of you (x2) I know This might be a little bit cliché I’m Trying to choose the right words phrase it But I’m addicted to your smile, haven’t seen it in awhile You got me wanting to arrange a visit We Both know… I know you feel it Afraid to show… Girl just admit it We’ve got a pocket full of good times waiting to be used as we choose

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