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Rap/Gangsta Rap


Without my Haters I wouldn't be where I am now. They truly are our driving force.

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WRITER: CHRISTOPHER GREER TITLE: HATERS Chorus: I copped a new chain and some Louis V sneaks Cause, I need new haters by the end of the week, You see, I fucked his broad and I skeEted his freak Cause I want some more haters by the end of the week, You see, I need you haters OH yeah, I see you haters But I’m glad you hate us Cause yall done made me famous - I ain’t complaining. Verse1: Damn I gave them the biz they caught the vapours See chicks peep the money and jewellery and want to rape us, They mans on the sideline sitting bet he hate us And hope my rap career take a permanent hiatus, But I’m back on my maino - shit like hi haters, With stupid stacked paper tall as a sky scraper, staying a live paper, 365 papers, Out on the grind life on the line-till I die paper, Nigga my team is major Stunting ain’t a habit it’s a way of life, when u living like a savage Want it I’m a have it, you don’t give I grab it, If you do not let go then that shit its gonna get drastic - wind up being tragic - with you stuffed in a casket a bully and a bastard Definition of cash is- god damn I know the streets been waiting but I ain’t famous , cause ain’t enough of yall haten Verse2: I’m a rock star, bragging about rocks in raps and yea I’m famous It ain’t cause of the stars and straps But still a star who’s strapped - shades on with a hat Pointing and laughing at niggas who be breaking their backs To try and be just like me - they don’t like me Sick to their stomachs cause I hit there wifees Mad cause they couldn’t afford a pair of Nikes, and with or without my Jordan’s I’m balling nightly Jumping like its hiphy What I make the crowd do when I hit the stage- I bang- I’m known to make a crowd move See them crowding round you- yea that’s how my hounds do If I holler sick him, then a victims what you bound to Be financially you ain’t on my level Baguette bezel, further proving the fact I still peddle -still stay in the ghetto where they hate cause its hood But I ain’t mad at the hating; see I take it as good…. WRITER: CHRISTOPHER GREER TITLE: HATERS Verse3: Look at the price I’m paying- guess it’s the price of fame People want to kill me and don’t even know my real name Asking how I feel dang, I’m a still peel thangs, tunnel vision when its war time and the steel bangs No bucks - no guts - no glory, believe that if they want the drama Then they know where I bees at Make a t make a nigga relapse- loaded up with 3 straps But as long as there just hating I’ll take it as feedback Hell yea I need that I’m thriving off the hate- I mean I love my supporters but haters carry more weight So it’s great that’s there’s a lot of people who don’t like me And as long as they hating famous I just me be See they just like me -at least what I was I use to be a hater now I’d rather show them love Give them transfusions of pimping for the hatred in they blood Tell them drink some hater aide and come and meet me at the club…

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