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Love Is (What You Only Get From Me)




Alt. Rock


This song will be a part of the band's newest album, due out in October. Presently, it can be found on their tour EP entitled BC.516.T11. This was a 3 song EP initially available only to fans who came out to see the band on tour. It features 3 songs, Idling, Love Is (What You Only Get From Me), and Deep End.

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You say you’re wanting more original thinking You're out on the dance floor, makin’ a killing Its easy to see, you’re not into me, but you find yourself still fascinating Go and live up the good life. Go through on your heels and walk up a high wire Maybe tonight is a place you can hide, but we know there comes a fateful morning I shouldn’t love you, save for the sorrow, when I look upon your soul We stay together, you say “forever,” but there’s always somewhere else you’d rather go So take your belongings, I hope they’re enticing. Are they everything you need? You will come running, after discovering, that love is what you only get from me You been runnin’ your mouth, talking like a good girl But you’re always found out, baby sooner or later Its an endless charade, the game that we play Well baby, don’t look know the stakes are getting high And you need an answer Found your seat on the Great Lost Self Romance Disaster Time: is your well running dry? If you stay you’ll starve like every other. Are you ashamed of running away, where are the boyfriends that you’ve had? They gave you a smile, took you for a ride, never to be seen again I shouldn’t love you, with all the tricks you do But how can I refuse? You’ve got the bright-eyed wonderlust lifestyle And I have all the things that you could use So take your belongings, I hope they’re enticing They’ll be nothing that you need You come running, after discovering. Love is what you only get from me.

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