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Yesterday's News

Album: Love Along The Way
Jaime Thietten






Several years ago my husband and I were in a hurry and passed up the opportunity to help someone in great need. It haunted us for weeks and we couldn't stop thinking about the person we had let down. There was no way to go back, find the man and offer to help, so I asked my husband to write a song about it. I wanted a way to share this story with others so that they wouldn't have to experience the unbearable feeling we had when we failed to help that man on that bitter-cold night.

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It was a cold winters night as we hurried through the snow My husband and I we were late for a show And that’s when I saw him slowly passin’ by As I glanced at his feet tears filled my eyes A cold December night That chilled me to the bone As I watched a man walk by I knew had no home No coat on his back and nothin' left to lose With his feet wrapped and bundled In yesterdays news I stared in disbelief what could I do Wanted so bad to help I’m sure you’ve been there too Well I tried to brush it off and pretend it’d be alright As he disappeared into the night Chorus How many people do we have to meet With nothing in their pockets and paper on their feet It was Jesus who said blessed are the poor Well it’s time we start to notice, the one’s we all ignore

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