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Neighbor Jane

Album: Acoustic
Michael Joyce






Neighbor Jane is the classic "lover's triangle song" It is an inspired love song about the relationship among three people. The songwriter confronts the woman he loves about her relationship with a man who doesn't love her back.

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Neighbor Jane You’re chasin’ a fool Neighbor Jane Always the last one to come in from the rain Can’t decide between the pleasure and the pain You’re chasin’ a fool Neighbor Jane Came down a year ago and you were underground I thought that you was lost and you told me you been found And we walked your street, made me think about those days When we had nothing but frozen roads that led away from you are Chasin’ a fool Neighbor Jane Don’t want to argue, I don’t want the blame Everyone we knew ‘down on the beat’ just bowed their heads in shame You’re chasin’ a fool Neighbor Jane We can climb that hill in a blink of an eye And above you is a freshly painted sky Playing catch with the breeze, dare we try He might love you, need you, but never more than I. . You can burn that bridge and take my hand And below you is a heavy promised land Looking back on your footprints, where they’ve led Stony, weary, hanging by a thread So I’ll learn my part again Just to hold you, hold you in my arms my friend If he takes you, let him take you to me If he breaks you, I’ll set you up for free. You’re chasin’ a fool Neighbor Jane Chasin’ a fool Neighbor Jane Chasin’ a fool Neighbor Jane # BFBJ-CT\OK\TEL-MJ-2A-3C-P1

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