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Give me a Sign

Album: The Road less Traveled
Shawn Allen Music






Some people just want a sign that God is real, well I can tell what he revealed to me.

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He is the way the truth and the life and i know im never givin up the fight John 14:6 let the words breath life only one way to the father tonight you can try as hard as you want, but your always gonna fail, bail out like a convict in jail get freedom but you always relapse seein demons like emily rose ya gonna need some help fast you got some things in ya life ya never really dealt with like a hand a cards you need to flush em than fold kid i know a lotta things growin up wasnt easy think about your lord and savior walking to the cross bleedin deep down you feel it let the spirit speak clear dont fall back you the reason hes here hold up ya hands cuz we gathered two or more as promised he is present the veils been torn what can you do when hes talkin at ya soul dont ignore it keep explorin just let go and as the pressure unfolds this is when you gonna break cuz he knows that ya searchin and he wants you now today i know ya searching for proof within this dotted line so let me give ya some lets start with mine i played around a lot, threw some snow for dough but never did he forget i was looking for home not a moment passed where he didnt send me love in the form of a person or a spirit from above and when it hit me honestly my body started shakin like some salt and pepper i was seasoned now im saved and he forgave me now i m still facing tribulaitons but in its blazing a new fire its amazin i cant believe the earths baby came here to save me oh this wretched soul dont deserve it thats grace see thats his method of teachin and it makes a lotta sense he wants to have you but still you gotta repent so please dont go , Lord please come home we need you cuz were outta control you aint gotta give up , you aint gotta fail you still got time left, how can i help let me hold ya arms when ya tired, ill do it and let me pray with ya now, hes the one pursuin dont harden ya heart, this is gotta be ya time jesus, wont you come in and save my friends life cuz he needs you as much as you want him please father let ya mercy bleed from my pen my heart is hurtin for a world thats turned its back all i pray today is that you would cut em slack so if you have decided that hes the only way lift ya hands and tell him loud that ya been saved

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