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Make Believe

Album: The Art of F.L.O.W.






I believe in make believe cuz the things that I’ve seen Well…you would never believe The world that we live in is full of hate and greed Steppin’ on feet, where you fake til you succeed I’ve seen people killed over dreams Suicide, homicide and everything in between And its usually the love over drugs or what can get above It’s the money, cars, clothes, I could never get enough of I do this, make real music Used to all the lies, but I’ll tell you what the truth is Life is not a choice and death never chooses Live in the moment, take it if you want it Just remember when you get it, then you better own it The top can get lonely Especially when you’re only…looking out for yourself…. Cuz everybody needs help Gotta put your pride to the side Deal with the cards you were dealt Maybe make a trade, it could change No matter what your lifestyle, everybody has pain And I believe that I can make you believe in Yourself… regardless of life’s demons fuck failure, we live for achievement deal with bereavement , heart like cement I do this for my people who are struggling for freedom Let em know we need them, to keep ‘em still breathin’ Keep ‘em flyin’ kites, no matter what the season Tell you that I love you, no matter what the reason cuz a lot of people talk, and don’t know the meanin’ wonder why I have a hard time, don’t believe them life is a game and so many keep cheatin’ make believe that life is not struggle tryin’ to get what I want, keeps me in and out of trouble but it is what it is cuz I’ll never say no to myself fuck bein’ rich, man I’m tryin’ to get wealth Gotta get this green, cuz I’m lookin’ out for my health And this system is a joke, you expect for me to choke Or cope with a decision override every vote Like a noose by the throat or a drive by approach It’s all the same ending, you gotta take chances Learn different glances, minimum finances Trying to survive live this life I’ve been handed DAMN IT! Try to understand me I’m speaking from my heart, but I don’t think you hear me Clearly… speak a lil louder, smokin’ on the loudest….

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