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Ride or Die




R & B / Soul


This is the first song of many to come written by yours truly. This record is embodies genuine love. I wrote it in the hopes that others can relate to the words and music all while having a good melody to vibe with. I would love to hear some feedback! Let me know what you think.

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Verse 1: I cannot get you off my mind Dark tunnel at the end, and baby you're my light, you're my light. My heart is singing out for you doodoodoo and our energy is on another level baby Don't ever wanna leave you got me elevated yeah And ya brighten brighten up my day I wouldn't wanna have it any other way Noooooo cause Chorus: Everything is cool when I'm ridin witchu Got the top down baby and it feels so good Ain't nobody else can do it like you Yeah, nobody else can do it like you And I can't describe the way you makin me feel People all around the world want a love this real ima stay by your side Cause you're my ride or die. Verse 2: And I wanna show the world what you mean to me every day you make me better just by lovin me and I swear What he have is more than physical, cause I dig what's in your mental I promise to stay by your side let me sing it it for you one more time Chorus

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