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Ex-list (feat. Xavier Jones)

Album: Non






Oh days Old night Old days Stop callin' my phone now I'm so busy now I don't need nobody now Stop Calling my phone I'm so busy now You are on Ex- list, stop bothering around now I don't need a hoes now I need a girl now Coz you're on Ex- now, I can play around Stop follow me around like some prisona Stop hurt my girl coz I don't like you You can try to go now, trouble girl I don't need that hoes now I just need a fine girl, I just wanna the really one I don't need you no more All I wanted to, was smash All I wanted to was smash All I wanted to was smash Now Ooh now mm! Now Ooh now mm! I'm dying inside me, I'm alive outside you I'm just like, I'm flexing My life, I'm just chilling I'm out here, I'm waiting for lov I'm out here, I'm waiting for the really one Ooh, no more playin' no more callin' No more texting now, Ouoh Ooh! That's it, Yea Slum Alumni I just want that real girl Wake up every day with that smile on my face. Yea That real one One you would die for and kill for Do anything for Yea that's a real girl One I'd go to war for Gift her anything Give her Diamond rings Make her scream my name She can take away my pain Making me insane In my fuckin brain Scratches on my back from her nails Give her dick in the back seat for the Thrills popping seals just to deal with the bullshit foolish thinking that I won't fucking pull it better cool it Stop it with the bullshit You know you're the one that I run to Give all of my love to Number one and it's true and I fuckin told you Place no one above you You're my fuckin love You're the only one Never let you go Better let them know That I kill for mine Ride or die till I close my eyes And my casket drops roses at my grave It will never stop till I make it to the top And my heart stops beating for you You know it's true you're the only one till I close my eyes till I die

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