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Done with You

Album: Game Night
Corrin Campbell & the Election




Indie Rock


Written about an exasperating relationship, "Done with You" is anger and girl-power wrapped into a catchy pop song.

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Verse: Not sure what to do now What can I do to make it right? My integrity won't allow Me to give up this fight Pre-chorus: Tell me will we ever be where we were, easy and happy, willing to surrender? Chorus: I'm done, I've never been so done I'm done, I've never been so done Each day I doubt it more The chance we'll recover I'm done, I've never been so done I'm done with you I'm done with you. Verse 2: As stubborn as I can be Couldn't hold out past this psuedo-love, This false-faced alliance, yeah I'm pullin' a u-turn fast. PRECHORUS CHORUS Bridge: Sub-standard love, I won't fall for your tricks anymore. Idealistic dreams, I can't stand it - it's time to search my core. CHORUS Outro

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