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Album: Who I Am
Iaian Thompson




I've spent a lot of time out on the road. I've probably done 700 shows in the last three years and i took about a 9 months of that off. So here is a song that says how much I love what i'm doing and how tired I have gotten.

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From my front porch in the hills of Virginia to the mountains of Afghanistan I've been playin' songs for folks who came to listen this journey's made me who i am. Chorus: on my best of days I'm just a songbird singin' you music from my heart when it all comes down I'm still a drifter on a stage Hidin' behind this old guitar V2: I've been drivin' down this road for such a long time. Made some good friends along the way i've sang songs with everyone from here to norway I wish they could see us here today repeat chorus

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