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Album: Awakening
Jamie Gallo Lee






Mother wakes in a morning gloom Stumbles out of bed to the other room To make her old man a hot pot of brew and she wonders Making sure the kids don't get up late She goes on to the basin to splash her face She looks at the bed with the empty space Where is Johnny? Where is Johnny? He should be at home Where is Johnny, Is he alone? She turns to parlor for the morning news telling herself her boy is early to school but her feelings inside she’s trying to hide something’s wrong now her mans off the work and the kids caught the bus now its her turn for the morning rush to get ready to leave she knows she cant be late again Now on the job working busily She thinks of her family briefly Someone hands her the phone, its Johnny He’s called for you She sighs with relief as she picks up the phone He explains to her thatches not coming home “I’ve got things to do , people to see I love you , don't wait of for me Now at home and the kids are fed Trying tp get them off to bed Telling her husband what Johnny had said and he’s too tired Another morning the same routine She turns on the news only to see There’s her Johnny

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