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VaneLi V.I.M.




PriVa Music Presents... Vaneli performing Live at The BoomBox Festival at Tobacco Road in Miami, FL on January 26th, 2013 V.I.M. (Vaneli in Motion)

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V.I.M. (Vaneli.In.Motion) COPYRIGHT 2012 Written by: Vaneli Music: Carlos Glez Lyrics: V.I.M. (Vaneli in Motion) You don't want to feel my Vis Major VIMMMM When Vis --a- Vis wit VaneLi Wise ones will change the simple into complex Fools only try to swim through this damn mess Baffled by the words, I slip into this context One needs to learn how to dive into this, blessed Trust in me, if one don't know what I speak The dictionary shall be, the way to thee Intense magic elements that I leak, so one can peek at the pieces I'm made up of As it peaks with the beat as one Born unique, as one, x3 CHORUS: Who that you know, gonna go, go flip my flow, no spit my spins and mimes my crimes, Rip Rip lines, and link life to these rhymes You don't want to feel my vis major VIMMM When vis-à-vis wit Vaneli You don't want to feel my vis major VIM VIM When vis-à-vis wit Vaneli vis-à-vis wit Vaneli x5 You don't want to feel my vis major VIMMM Feelings brought to me from Giving birth to these words Teaching, learning these verses Lines, Crazy rhymes Undefinable, Incredible,Unspeakable How we put together this whole bubble of energy in motion Mixing powerful potions In my encephalon's ocean To force the motions Equations and Quotients of my notions... Equations and Quotients of my notions... CHORUS Look through it, close it Hold it, show it What you have inside Don't hold it back this time Fall back, relax Breathe. Pass through the realms, you control this time Your Pandorum. The helms Connectivity like the elms, tree Me be Vaneli, overwhelms, thee (x4) CHORUS X2

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