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Dreams Part 2

Album: To the Sea, To my Doom
Winston Cave






Anxiety Ridden, Melodic tune about life, death, and power.

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Please come down from your ledge, The birds need a place to rest, From this block, I have built you a home, As the quite drones shake my bones, Southern mountains on the floor, Stuck in my head forevermore, The climb I never will succeed, But quick to the fall I'll be, Cut the rope my love, Lay me out on gods' table, Cut out my heart, But don't forget to ladle, The water into my mouth before I die. So, do you love me now my love, As I'm floating up above, The river that you sent me on, I hope the best for you, Oh god of the poor, You took my life , But your happiness, To me , Is worth more.

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