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"Way That It Goes" Music Video




Award winning music video of "Way That It Goes". Directed by Henrick Vartanian. Filmed & Edited by Karen Avanesian. Featuring Darius Lux, Miklos Malek, Keith Williams Jr & Andy Meixner. Starring Lauren Foulk, Chris Manitius & Neil Etman. Produced by Henrick Vartanian, Darius Lux and Nick Rizo. Winner of 2012 TELLY AWARDS for Best Music Video Production and Best Use of HD.

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WAY THAT IT GOES Words & Music: Darius Lux lil nikki from delaware, wanted to be somebody she went searchin everywhere, to find opportunity wanted to be an actress, any story she could tell but didnt nobody tell her, that only sex and violence sell now she's takin off all of her clothes - cos she cant pay gas and she cant pay rent why cant life be like a tv show? - where everything is how its 'sposed to be? the more that they tell us, the less that we know - thats just the way that it goes they said there'd be sunshine but now we got snow - thats just the way that it goes slim jim from idaho, wanted to make a difference straight "A"s on the honors roll, but never majored in business left home for the city lights, but soon began to wonder can't never get over this, too low to get under now he dont know what he's gonna do - make him wanna scream make him wanna shout there aint nuthin to see him thru, and now his credit cards are all maxed out you had all the answers but now you don't know - thats just the way that it goes the sign said free parking but then you got towed - thats just the way that it goes

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