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$eminole - Pu$$y On Fleek (prod. By $eminole)




Rap/Gangsta Rap


$eminole - Pu$$y On Fleek (prod. By $eminole) Email:

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i cant deny da pussy on fleek/2(feek^4) eat a piece of da pie till a nigga cant speak/ gotta a bitch from da 9 an we keep it og/ me? throw da dick till my back sore/ den make her leave, through the back door/ say she hate it when i do dat shit, im like wtf u come back for/ she like , u mean, im like u mean to tell me dis aint da routine/ fuck u think we gettin married bitch, so u can trap a nigga like TWO TS?? bitch u not even a dime but want u a diamond.. no jewlry/ my ex girl fucked my head up nigga fleek pussy couldent fool me/ ......imma tool i guess/ doin everything he refuse i bet/ have a couple drinks of da booz y let/ a fuck nigga play u for a fool i guess/ u like dat shit,push for more n intice that shit/ hit the floor n all type a shit the pussy yours nigga bite that shit/

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