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The Last Song I Ever Write






Pen to the paper Vanished like vapour I bled out for you in song tonight A verse won't mean much It's only a crutch So many lines I can't write You were the Lennon to my Yoko The lyric to the tune of my life The words don't seem to matter I watched the glass walls shatter Press rewind If this is the last that I'm ever gonna write I'll be fine If this is the final chorus Let me get it right Let me get it one last time... Moral of the story Starts to bore me I twisted the tale out of hand Straight to the bottle Drank full throttle So wasted I can barely, barely stand These are my bruises put to music My scars they got me through it one more time Bring on the next contender I'm so far from surrender Press rewind Now I hope...this ain't the last song Is this the last song that I'll ever write I hope...this ain't the last song This ain't the last song

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