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Fire Burns On

Album: Fire on the Line
Mack Abernathy




We were doing a 55-city tour of Europe. We were in Paris and I saw a couple walking down the outside stairs of a building. When they got nearly to the bottom step, they stopped and had a really warm embrace (if you know what I mean!), then they stepped on the sidewalk, each going in a different direction and acting like nothing had ever happened. My imagination wrote the rest…

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For a lover’s rendezvous The word is discreet The room won’t need a view Especially from the street Where they love out loud And hold each other tight Then fade back in the crowd Like ravens in the night (Chorus) And the fire burns on In their hearts and in their souls The fire burns on Till it burns out of control Then passion fans the flame They say it won’t happen again But the fire burns on If they’d met earlier in life There’d be no choice to make He’s a husband, she’s a wife Now too many hearts would break Passion overrules their minds There is nothing they can do As they step across the line For a lover’s rendezvous (Repeat Chorus twice) (Ending) The fire burns on on and on That ole fire burns on on and on And their bodies yearn Oh, how it burns The fire burns on

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