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Risk Our Lives

Album: In Our Midst






Gorgeous cello, flute and piano accompany the vocals. Taken from Philippians 2 and 3, this challenging text looks at the sacrifices required to take up our cross and follow as asked. "For what?": it also sings of the rewards...

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Risk Our Lives From Philippians 2 and 3 Music by John Stallworth, Lyrics – Andrea Davis-Griffin 1. Risk our lives to gamble on the life you offer, Sacrifice and suffering and loss, Follow You and take our cross up, too, For that is what You do to give Your life for us, For what? Eternity with you, joy now to see us through, a Spirit sent to woo, With power beyond might, a hope beyond our sight, a truce to end the fighting…. 2. It’s a gamble, give up what we know For that we couldn’t know, beyond this earthly show, It’s a sacrifice, a crazy sort of life, A trade, a deal no one could make for real, For what? A strength beyond our own, a home to call my own, that You prepared for me… A goal, a race, a prize, the future in my eyes, This end rewrites the story…… © 2009 PrayerLifeMusic/ASCAP

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