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You Were The Chemical

Album: S.S. Seahorse (Demo Album)
The Calefaction




Hard Rock


this song is about Girl who's like a poison or drug. For Fans of The Used, Glassjaw, Coheed & Cambria etc...

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Stop tugging on my heartstrings baby, You Ran away & Left me Straight up Crazy. Now it's hard to make up my mind all the time without you. So here's a wish to turn back time ,Wont you be mine? You Were examples of my truest addiction. Your the needle in my arm. So your calling up my friends house lately. After telling me your through with dating. I wonder if I'll turn out fine from the pain insisted. How could true love be so blind or am i? Time will pass & all my wounds with scab over. Picking sometimes leaves a scar. Time is precious but does it really matter since We'll all just meet an end. I miss you baby I really miss you. You were examples of my truest addiction, Your the needle in My arm. You were the chemical that left my nose bloody but i can see clear since you've gone.

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