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Keisha's Room (Marvin's Room) Remix

Album: Mixtape
Shei Atkins




R & B / Soul


Shei Atkins remixes Drakes "Marvin's Room"

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Cups of that Rosay got u feeling tipsy a lot of girls gettin at u and it don't help that u mad at me u say we always fighting but u're the reasy that we fighting so in her u confide in how could u do this to me tell me who's the girl u had sex with did u think of hurting me when u did it tell me was it worth throwin our love away u say u're sorry but that won't my pain away oh i'm just sayin u could've told me that u wasn't happy I would've rather that u leave than go and cheat on me the damage is done so now I'm saying bye bye, bye bye u said u'd neva do it and boy I believed u but now I'm feeling stupid cuz like a fool I believed u i shoulda took the hint when I caught u lying bout where u been I bet you it was one them girlz that u call your friend!

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