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take the darkness

Album: the kikbacks
the kickbacks




Alt. Rock


take the darkness was written as for our 1st album it has elements of punk metal and rock all in the one song it tells the story of somone who no matter what is offered he will always 'take te darkness,

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oh this reckless love of mine, ooh its the passion the gives fear my dear,now were chasing shadows growing tall raising demons for the faall...dont take me hiiiiiiigh....its a reckless love dear that i hold near cant you see the fires in my soul..feel the whisper on your skin dear feel the passion lord it outa control,if you raise me up you know ill come down like thunder,dont you take me hogh you know the passion under skin and bone i feel when im near the light of yonder and if i had to choose you know i will take the darkness time and time again.....oh yeeeeah

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