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Beauty queen

Album: On personal note






i wrote this song after watching my beloved grandmother fading away in the last couple of weeks of her life. feeling her suffering made me think about the pain of an aging beauty queen or any famous person, who grows old in front of the world!

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He took you out in the avenue, it was a Monday afternoon, you're face were shining like the sun. Step by step along the pavement, old memories began surfing your old mind, of a glamorous time. You never thought a day like this could come, life was beauty now your beauty is all stripped down. And it feels so bad, and you feel so sad. They told you: "you will live forever", but the silhouette remains long behind you in a frame. And now you cant even remember, why you try catching the wind it's impossible, you're an old beauty queen. You never thought a day like this would come, we pooled you tight so you'll always stay Young. And it feels so bad, and you feel so sad. Holding on to the wind taking you're last breathe, old beauty queens never dies like the rest. and it feels so sad, and you feel so bad.

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