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HOT 16 "Contest Entry"




This was my video to BET'S Hot 16 Contest for 2012. Directed by Matthew Besson Shot and Edited by Matthew Besson

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Chorus (2x) Ain’t no use in stopping now Something special, god blessed you put it down Put it down, neva look back, only looking up Rouse from the bottom where they left you to do nothing else Ay! You can miss me with that rowdy Flow Yokozuna with a tombstone neva doubt me Top of the pile, but they ain’t enough to drive me Supa fluid I deliver while my counterparts sloppy From the bottom of the totem play your role, your just an Odom Cool on the roster, non-adjacent to a monsta In my defense, that’s no offense, a shot from the rifle Minus the weaponry, my weapons me, it turns out logical Ya’ll ball, I rep, for without a pot to piss in Cause who gone speak for the folk who ain’t riding around and gettin it Issues, good n plenty to choose from But when it’s just about business Only thing that seems to mean anything is chicken Chorus (2x) Written by Thee!General

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