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Airport Music ***OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO***


Rap/Gangsta Rap


The official music video for the track off my mixtape called "Airport Music"

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my mama always tol me det the world wouldnt like me its true til now dey wonna be jest like me im screamin mathafuck em dets to put it nicely my emotions is frozen, my heart so icey nigas all jealous, chicks like wife me HOES like skip det and jest pipe me yes we are ruthless ratchet like vikings 2 pills got her rollin on 2 wheels she is cycling hoes so triflin i am so psychic frigid den a bitch i am cold like iceland hoes all like me fuck em so righteous one leg up arm out like the heisman bitch i lay it down way down so nicely the pound on point it weighed out so nicely tell yu wat it is neva tell u wat it might be split ya lemon now your ready for a cup of iced tea why is everybody fake dets jest how it has to be believe nothin yu hear and only half of watchu see if your one with god yu betta practice watchu preach before them demons come and pay a visit in ya sleep or if your really active dey will catch u in the street and den youll be the one dets layin underneath det sheet outside really sour inside not sweet do it big all the time yall jest tri like 3 heard he had beef so i asked wat it be and den dey say ah dog naw not me speakin of a dog ima pit to a flea so my girl sing the blues like the chick on the beat no drake but successful is all i wonna be dived ends make amends dets all i wonna speak so until im counting bread on the sand of a beach if it aint about money yu aint sayin shit to me capeche

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