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Here we go

Album: Here we go
JC Harrisson






This is the story of normal a father and son saturday morning 5'0clock ,and said sun ready or not here we go! The sun is arisen !

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Viewing lyrics for HERE WE GO by JC Harrisson. Saturday mornings 5- O’Clock Daddy’d come into my room and wake me up Say good morning sleepy head ready or not… here we go ! We’d climb into that old pickup truck Go down to the fishin’ hole and try our luck Just past Ol’ Moe’s grove of hazel nuts… here we go Here we go The sun is risin’ Here we go Son open your eyes It’s a brand new day Don’t let it get away Here we go You know I don’t recall one fish bein’ caught And I don’t remember any bait bein’ baught Just sittin’ side by side with my daddy on a rock… here we go ! We’d talk about life and what the future might bring Sometimes we’d sit and wouldn’t say a thing Just watch the clouds roll by and listen to the wind sing… here we go (Chorus) I learned a lot around that old fishin’ hole, whether He Planned it or not I’ll never know He’s gone now but with each brand new day I can still hear my daddy say… Here we go Here we go Son here we go Produce by : JC Harrisson Words & music by Tim Schneider & Rick Reiling

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